This small group educational experience is designed for retina specialists and eye care professionals involved in the medical management of patients with retina disorders. The experience includes CME-accredited self-study modules, live group discussions, and a collaborate group task. All group members are encouraged to engage with other members of the group to share issues, concerns, and best practices.

Key goals of the curriculum are:

Explain the differences in short-term and long-term outcomes with current neovascular AMD treatment options in clinical practice as compared to clinical trial outcomes

Describe the relationship between drugs, treatment frequency, visual, and anatomic outcomes

Develop best practices and recommendations to ensure optimal treatment outcomes for patients

Describe the existing barriers to treatment and ways to overcome them

Identify the newer compounds in development that may reduce treatment burden while maintaining efficacy

Self Study

Live Group Discussions

  • Group Discussion 1

    This Group Discussion will include a brief review of responses to the self-study modules, particularly areas of greatest challenge. Group members will then be encouraged to raise questions and discuss challenges they are facing with the group.

  • Group Discussion 2

    This Group Discussion will focus on your responses and comments on the Group Task, particularly on areas in which there were divergent management approaches.

Group Challenge

  • Neovascular AMD Patient

    Each group member will be assigned to respond to one or more questions related to the management of an AMD case. All group members are encouraged to comment on the other submissions based on their own opinions and experience.

Curriculum is Currently Closed

Thank you for your interest. Currently, the curriculum is closed for enrollment but we encourage you to keep an eye out for future opportunities or alternative programs that might align with your educational goals.

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Completed Groups

David Eichenbaum, MD
Roger Goldberg, MD, MBA
Retina specialist
Nancy Holekamp, MD
Director, Retinal Services
Amy Babiuch, MD
Medical Retina Specialist
Caroline Baumal, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology